At the beginning of every new year we set goals for ourselves. We talk about getting into shape, finding a new job, having a better relationship with GOD, our family, and friends. These goals stay with us for about 12 weeks into the new year then, like some of my cuts, they fade away. Have any of you ever wondered why this happens every year? You set five goals only to have, on average, one of them met.

Don’t get me wrong, our intentions are good. We all just seem to have a habit of falling short somewhere between January 9th and March 4th. I think the reason this continues to happen is because we have not learned how to recondition our minds. We spend so much time responding (texting or e-mailing each other) that we don’t create anymore. The reason some of us live in lack (in want), whether it’s financially, physically, or spiritually, has a lot to do with the size of your visions. We were never taught to think outside the box so how could our visions, much less our provisions, grow? Your worst enemy is the flesh. The flesh and natural human reasoning can limit you to your own ability. You look at the circumstances, influences, problems, cares, tests, storms, and winds, and you say ” I can’t.”

The language of doubt, the flesh, the senses, and the devil is, "I can’t. I don’t have the ability, the opportunity, or the strength. I’m limited.” But the language of faith says, ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Many people think small because they bounce their vision off the (limited) provision they think is available.

Do this exercise: take your hands than form a box. Now raise your hands to your face. That box represents how small some of us were taught to think. If your vision is bigger than the box, it’s unattainable. If it’s smaller than the box, it’s attainable.

Keep these steps in mind:

  1. Don’t shrink your vision to fit the provision.
  2. Watch the company you keep; the people you hang around (Proverbs 13:20, 22-24)
  3. God is a big God, and he wants to show just how big He is through His people.

The goal is simple: to help place your body where we plan on placing the mind.